The forest lies adjacent to the north side of the A985 Kincardine-on-Forth to Dunfermline road, approximately 1.5 miles east of Kincardine. Entrance to the forest will be signposted. Please remember the forest roads are quite narrow and park well to the side to allow other vehicles to pass. Please also remember this forest is well used by local dog walkers, ample warning signs will be placed to the forest entrances but we must be prepared for pedestrians – both two and four legged kind!

Course Description:

The surface is generally very good, mostly hard packed shale or earth with plenty of passing room, boots should not be required for fit feet. Not a demanding trail, mainly flat or undulating with lots of turns and interest for the dogs. Depending on trails used, there may be one or two sharp bends for the B & C classes. The forest is popular with walkers, especially on Sundays. Although there have been no problems to date, good manners are vital if we are to keep this venue.

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