The UK Athletic & Working K9 Association for Sleddogs - a first here in the UK.

The associations working committee is made up of a dedicated group of Sleddog Racing enthusiasts. Vets, SSPCA officers, pro. dog trainers, Sleddog Racers (UK) & 3 Iditarod Mushers (British) & Ex BAS dog team drivers living here in the UK. We are an Associate member of ISDVMA.

Input & advice comes from K9 Care.
This is not a club or organisation & anyone can register their name in support of this Association. Members below mean mushers that have signed up & registered their support (UK mushers).


  • To encourage sled dog organizations to have at least one vet in attendance while planning racing events and present during races. The vets are there to help the mushers and dogs and work with the race marshals and judges.
  • The vet, with organisers would have the right to warn/disqualify any team with clearly unfit dogs before & after races. Inadequate safe transport for dogs is another area which vets and organisers would pay major attention to.
  • To provide & encourage education of veterinarians, mushers & handlers in all aspects of sled dog welfare and the supportive treatment for all working sled dogs. This includes travel conditions of dogs to events.
  • To encourage the close co-operation between all sled dog organizations.
  • To support & encourage research for a better understanding of a racing sled dog.
  • To actively promote and encourage the welfare and safety of the sled dog athlete and foster non discriminatory international sleddog sports competition regulations ie non discrimination against any dog or team because of breed or non-registration.
  • To support complete and accurate drug testing and permanent identification of racing sled dogs. 

  • Through the cooperation with race organizations, encourage fit and healthy sleddogs to compete in the UK to a good standard.

The principal objectives and purposes are:

  1. Collaborate with organizations having as their objectives the promotion of sleddog sports.
  2. Promote the education of the IFSS members on rules, regulations and procedures, thereby establishing proper conduct of all events which abide by the rules, regulations and procedures.
  3. Promote the education of dog drivers and race officials throughout the world.
  4. Strive for the uniform development of sleddog sports world-wide.
  5. Promote the use of uniform race rules by members.
  6. Maintain the authority and autonomy of its members.
  7. Promote closer links between its members and any other sleddog sports organizations.
  8. Convey to other organizations its views and decisions.
  9. Coordinate and protect the common interests of its members.
  10. Collect, collate and circulate information to and among its members.
  11. Inform and educate the members about the proper care and handling of sled dogs so as to ensure their humane treatment and to ensure identification and treatment of any health problem peculiar to the sled dog.
  12. Effectuate the World Championships and other world events, and to establish the rules for such events.
  13. Gain Olympic recognition of sleddog sport.

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