The Team

About Our Team

SnoPeak Siberian Huskies is a Siberian Husky racing team located in West Lothian, Scotland. We got our first Siberian Husky, Kavik, in 1997. Since then we have steadily added to our team and are proud to be owners of these beautiful, intelligent & friendly dogs. We have bred two litters of our own, primarily for ourselves, having kept 5 of the pups. We are very impressed with how the most recent litter are coming along in their homes throughout the UK. We are opposed to puppy farming.

We competed in events all over Scotland (sometimes farther afield) and we attend many charity & fund raising events through out the year.

We are involved with many sled dog associations; SSHC, SDAS, SHCGB, BSHRA, AMWA, ABSA, NSDSC.

We use and recommend Kickbikes.

We have information for those just getting started in the sport or for those who want to come along and watch.

We raise money for recognised sled dog re-homing groups.

In Competition

Classes We Did Compete In

    • A Class, which is the 5 – 8 dogs class.
    • B Class, which is the 4 – 6 dogs class.
    • Scooter Class, which is a 1 dog class.
    • At NSDSC events we compete in the 10 dogs class.
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