Byerley Stud

The Byerley Stud, Wallridge, Ingoe, Newcastle, NE20 0SZ

AMWA are delighted to invite Members and Non Members to a brand new camp where you can train your dogs at your leisure. Courtesy of The Byerley Stud Estate there will be 3 trail distances available to get your dogs fit and flying for the start of the season. A short trail of approx 1.5 miles a longer trail of circa 3 miles and a long trail around 4-6 miles. All abilities will be accommodated for, with the ability for newbies and older / slower teams able to run at different times to larger faster teams. The trails are undulating grassy trails and exact distances will be published at the event. So come join us for a relaxed camp, with booking available on a daily basis allowing you to pick the dates which suit you best within the event time frame.

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