From Glasgow: Take the A81 to Aberfoyle. Drive along the main street and at end of line of shops, turn left into Manse Road, over the hump-backed bridge. Each junction you come to along Manse Road, take the left fork. This will take you into the forest and the race start. Watch for signs along Manse Road. The venue is approximately one mile from the village.

From Stirling & The North: Follow the signs to Thornhill and on from there to Aberfoyle.

*Please keep your speed down when entering the forest !*

Course Description: As many of you know, The Queen Elizabeth Forest is a popular holiday destination, which means there are many visitors, summer and winter. They have the right to entry to the foresy at any time and we cannot prevent this, even for a rally. We would ask you to bear this in mind, in the realisation that you might meet a dog walker on the trail. We would also ask you to please clean up after your dogs, as this is good PR (Public Relations, not Poo Reclamation!). Finally, if you could keep all dogs on leads at the race venue to avoid accidents, this would be greatly appreciated.

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