Fundraising for Sleddogs

About Our Programme

Bridget Robertson co-ordinates the fundraising events for Snopeak Sled Dog Fundraising. Her husband Ewan has been involved in a variety of events over the past quarter of a century including sponsored walks, cycles, 24-hours events, discos and specialising in the last 10 or so years in dog orientated events. The majority of which have included sled dogs. They have been active in the dog community for a good number of years now and Ewan first qualified a dog for Crufts back in 1980. A few years ago they were key in establishing the 1st ever UK charity for Sled Dogs. After taking the charity as far as he could, Ewan felt he could better serve fundraising activities though a different approach. Ewan is well known through the Sled Dog community and has made many contacts through the years and together with his PA and disco company is now able to contribute more to various types of fundraising events and making them more succesful and memorable for all those involved.

Donations are distributed to recognised Welfare schemes only.

What We Do

The Snopeak Sled Dog Fundraisers are exactly what the name says, they raise funds for Sled Dogs, which are then passed to appointed rehoming schemes in the form of a grant and therefor become restricted funds within the receiving organisation to ensure that the money benefits the dogs directly and is not consumed by admin costs.

Bookings can be taken for discos, PA, commentary and/or sled dogs, the requests can be singly or for a selection of the above. Historically some of the events which have been organised have included Static Displays where public can meet some sled dogs and even get their picture taken with them using digital technology and printing the picture on the day so that it can be taken away as a momento, Working Displays where the dogs can be seen running in harness and other speciality displays. Please remember that these are working dogs and not performing circus animals, which can lead to quite entertaining displays for your spectators. The dogs are our primary concern and as such weather conditions on the day may lead to a working display being cancelled, we hope you can appreciate why. All displays are subject to weather conditions on the day, facilities at the venue and of course availability.

I can vouch for Ewans commentary skills, he runs a good show.

After seeing Ewan in action, I would not consider booking anyone else.

His commentary at the Royal Highland Show was very informative and amusing.

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